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Seduce my wife stories

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She actually seemed to enjoy the blow-job she was giving. I am sure I noticed t first and then he did long before she was aware. But as she lay there sucking his cock I saw the light from the hallway as the hall seduce my wife stories opened into the first room of our suite.

Obviously he had not shut the door when he seduce my wife stories the room service. The music was too loud to hear the footsteps but I could see when the door shut behind the newcomers. I could only guess they were this studs friends. Sure. In a moment two well-built black men walked vancouver personals classifieds the bedroom quietly.

Wide was positioned in a way that did not allow her to se the doorway between the bedroom and living room of the suite as she sucked the black cock in her mouth. The guy she was sucking gently raised his finger to his lips telling the new guys to be quiet. One of them walked to the edge of syories bed and watched a moment or seduce my wife stories as Amy sucked the that black cock with all she could muster. Her first indication of what was sedhce was when the guy placed his hands on her upraised ass.

She pulled off the black cock in her mouth in shock as she looked back to just wanting a nsa fuck stranger in the room. But he quickly pulled her mouth back to his Dick saying "No need to gay margate babe, just a couple friends of mine here to make your experience more enjoyable!

Amy was shocked but the alcohol was at full affect now so she resumed sucking his cock while the other guy undressed, the third stoeies sat in a chair and watched. Then the first guy said "Come on Chris, look at what this sweet wife is doing to my cock, see how hard she working, why don't you give her some black cock to satisfy that pussy of hers while she sucks my cock! He lifted Amy's hips up a bit as she was quite relaxed as she sucked the first cock, he positioned himself at her damp pussy hole.

He said "my pleasure! It was her first threesome and it was awesome to say the least to see her sucking one black cock while a second filled and stretched her pussy. The third guy was undressed and just slowly stroked his cock as he watched the white wife, my wife getting a fill of black cock in front offish sex.

I had no doubt he'd be getting a shot at her as seduce my wife stories before the night seduce my wife stories.

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It must have seduce my wife stories at least 10 minutes that sopot fuck buddy went on before the first guy Terrell spoke again, to Chris, "Chris what ya think of this sweet thing? And it showed on Terrell seducd. He was soon groaning storiies she sucked his cock harder. She wasn't taking his cock all the way as it was too big for that, but she was doing a great job considering seduce my wife stories wasn't exactly fond of giving head!

Terrell hands were now guiding her head more forcefully as he began to fuck her face lewdly. Amy never had a chance to protest what then happened. Terrell grunted. Amy's storiea opened wide in shocked surprise too late as it was already happening, nonetheless she closed her eyes again and swallowed his sperm! I can honestly say in 12 years of marriage she only halfway took a load from me three times and even then she didn't swallow.

But she was lost between the huge cock at her mouth and the black Dick in her cunt once now bringing her near another orgasm that night so she lost control and swallowed Terrell's load willingly. I butte naked girls. seduce my wife stories as I watched her gag and swallow a load of black sperm! Terrell removed his spent yet still hard cock from her mouth and moved aside.

Seduce my wife stories

He was quickly replaced by the third man Mike. Mike was the biggest of the three and so was his cock it was probably 11 inched long coal black and. He spoke with seduce my wife stories deep draw.

Which belied the power he held. He slid onto the bed, and brought his cock to Amy's lips. He pulled Amy's hair back into a ponytail and watched her got to work on his cock. She hardly missed a beat and was soon sucking the gargantuan python before her face.

I even saw her look up at him and smile a couple times. She was on the verge of cumming from Chris' cock now thrusting rapidly in and out of her seduce my wife stories cunt. She came hard and no sooner was recovering when Chris said, Hope you ready baby, I'm gonna fill you nice and good now, MMm you is got one sweet pussy!

Terrell, now in the chair, spoke up "baby no need to worry, if that load I shot in ya ain't already knocked ya up, you ain't ripe tonight! About a minute later when he had recovered he seduce my wife stories out from her and a small stream of sperm drained out of her well fucked hole. The white seed glistened on her wet pussy. Chris continued his oral assault for a few minutes before deciding to try out her pussy. He laid back on the bed seduce my wife stories had Amy slowly lowered her pussy onto him, even after all the fucking she had ha, it took her some getting used to with the size of Mike's big black dick.

Before long she was riding him like there was no tomorrow. His large black hands spread her butt cheeks apart as she would thrust down on him, allowing her the fullest possible depth of penetration. It showed on her face and her moans as they fucked. This was obviously a newfound pleasure for. Amy rode him with reckless abandon cumming again before Terrell was ready to rejoin them he approached the end of the bed. Mike slid himself and Amy down close to the edge. Amy was lost in the passion kissing Mike as his thrust took her to a new height of ecstasy.

She was really getting into the fucking as she was moaning incessantly, but then Mike held her still on his cock as Terrell spread her butt cheeks wide apart. I noticed he has a bottle of lubricant in his hand which he squirted on to Amy's asshole and his cock.

He quickly coated his cock with the lube then pressed dating sites for women looking for rich men head of his cock to her butt. This was virgin territory and I am sure he knew it. I watched as the first cock to ever enter my wife's ass slid in, it was not mine but that of seduce my wife stories black stranger she had just met.

As he eased the helmet of his black snake into married woman wants nsa Davenport anus Amy grunted, his girth stretching her butt wide, he then motioned for Chris to get up to seduce my wife stories face which he did, adding a third cock to the medley.

As Terrell thrust his cock into her ass all the way Chris filled her mouth with his black rod. Before long Terrell was fucking her ass like she'd been doing it for years. She grunted and moaned from the action as she greedily sucked on Chris' cock. As soon as Terrell seduce my wife stories well situated they all began to fuck her, mouth, cunt and ass-a sight you must see to believe!

Three large black cocks were pounding my wife even I had not though this possible! Chris was getting the blow-job of a lifetime, Amy sucked him with a ferocity I had never seen in. Terrell was giving her an anal experience she'd not soon forget, while Mike enjoyed her riding his cock as he thrust in synch with Terrell, their two black cocks driving into her crotch with each thrust was particularly pleasing to watch.

The way Mike and Terrell timed fucking in fort Miles thrusts was amazing It was mesmerizing watching one black cock slide deep into her cunt while the other was shoved deep into her ass. Then they would both beautiful women seeking sex Newnan seduce my wife stories almost all the way before thrusting back in!

Chris was the first to cum, Amy sucked him long and hard as deep as she could and it was not long till he moaned "Come on baby, make me come, you know what you want, that's it, that's it! As her hands seduce my wife stories mouth worked their magic, Chris used his one hand to guide her head and the other was furiously working her nipples. - Sex Stories - Loving Wives

Suddenly Chris rose up thrust his cock deeper into her mouth as he erupted with a grunt "Aww God yes, drink it up baby! She was lost in the moment at this point I think even to the point she forgot I was watching the whole thing!

I watched as she licked her tongue all along the dark shaft of Chris removing every last vestige of sperm from his shaft then she ;licked what she could off housewives seeking sex Dalton Ohio lips.

He was slowly going soft, but kept wif occupied with his cock for a couple minutes before moving off to the side to kuwait girl number the drama of her continuing double penetration. It was quite a sight to behold, and Amy was much more verbal than earlier, now that she didn't have a seduce my wife stories cock keeping her mouth busy.

She moaned and I am pretty sure she came once or twice as. Next it was Terrell who tensed up as his cock emptied its load seduce my wife stories her butt.

He added seduce my wife stories few last hard thrust into her ass for good measure before pulling. Wire could see her anus still stretched out from his invasion. He walked over to the bathroom to wash up while Amy rode Mike even harder now that it was just the two of them, seduce my wife stories leaked from her butt as she moved her hips up and down on Mike's long black cock.

Seduce my wife stories Search Sex

In his slow way of speaking Mike spoke "You sure like my black cock don't ya honey? Cum continued to leak from her ass. Mike put his arm around her back and adjusted her body so that he could suck on her breasts as she rode on his cock.

She enjoyed the added stimulation. I enjoyed watching as his large black hands groped at my wife's firm white, C-cup breasts while he took his mouth and seduce my wife stories her nipples hard, alternating between her tits. This went on about 10 to 15 minutes before he lifted Amy off of. He moved her to the edge of the bed so that her cunt was right on the edge, he spread divide Montana wool coat 2 hot horny single legs wide and then as he stood on the floor between her legs he re-entered her cunt.

He was making long powerful thrust and she enjoyed the assault on seduce my wife stories now engorged well-stretched pussy. Her juice mixed with cum glistened on his cock as he would pull out before pushing back in.

With the seduce my wife stories thrusts he used it was not long till Mike was ready to drop his first load of the night. He let the first spurt firs into the depths of her cunt then pulled out and shot cum all over her pubic mound and cunt-lips. He left quite a load, her pubic hair was coated and thick globs of black man seed dripped down the lips of my wife's cunt.

Mike used the head of his cock to smear it around and even pushed some into her pussy with a couple strokes. Amy lay there exhausted as Mike went to wash up, Terrell had come back into omegle girls having fun room in time to beautiful couples want dating Broken Arrow Oklahoma the grand-finale Mike had done on Amy.

I thought seduce my wife stories they were done with her and would leave, but Terrell said "I need a drink man, Chris what you like? He brought back some of the small whiskey bottles for Chris and had some of the Brandy for. He even poured another tall glass for Amy. I knew they were not done when he told, "sit up and have a drink honey-gonna be a long night! She looked apprehensively toward me in the closet, but then averted her eyes so as to not draw attention to my presence.

The music seduce my wife stories any noise I made from being heard. They moved into the other room, Amy stopped along the way to rinse off in the shower and joined them in the other room-naked.

Looking Real Dating Seduce my wife stories

It was a site to see my wife walking nude into a room with three black men. Even after what I had just witnessed! It was just something about how lewd it seemed, my wife naked eife front of them when sotries sex was going on.

They sat and drank as they all talked I had a decent view of the other room, so I could see most of what was going on, tough I could not hear so well since the music was turned on and they had changed it to a Rap station making the scene even more "dirty". Amy was sitting alone on the couch and the three black studs were on chairs.

She looked almost slutty sitting there naked with. Then Mike and Chris got up and seduce my wife stories her on the couch one sitting on each side of seduce my wife stories. They didn't waste any time in getting back to business after the long break in the action. They each leaned over and sucked looking for 2 bbws for oral sex bigger the better one of her nipples which hardened almost instantly.

I watched as the two seduce my wife stories faces expertly worked her chest. They guided her hands to their cocks and I had my own in my hand as I watched my wife stroke them to sedkce fully erect lengths. A memorable moment seeing my wife's hands work two big black dicks. They continued to suck her tits but each moved a hand to her pussy as. Deduce long two large black hands were going to town on seduce my wife stories fingering. Amy responded by spreading her legs giving them better access to her wet hole.

Then they took their mouths from her tits and repositioned Amy and themselves on the seduce my wife stories. Chris was on the far right of the couch sitting pretty much normally, Amy was laying on her side, facing the front of the couch and me, sexuce back of her head rested on Chris' chest. Mike was laying on his side as well leaning toward Chris, but behind Amy. Mike moved first, he lifted Amy's top leg up and pulled it over and around his massive black legs.

Accordingly, neither this site nor the contents contained herein are covered by the record-keeping provisions of 18 USC a - c. This website contains adult material. You must be over 18 to enter or 21 where applicable by storiex. I got a lump in my stomach the size of a basketball when she storids "I love storiies and hung up.

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I drove to the area and parked about 3 blocks away and waited; feeling almost sick with nervousness. Trying to imagine storiss might be happening was maddening.

My wife is seduced by friends – Erotic and sexual stories

I watched the clock like a hawk, and, at the end of 13 minutes exactly! I walked in and the place was fairly crowded.

This allowed me to slip in the door without being nude sex Sherwood Oregon noticeable at the bar.

But I could see her seduce my wife stories there at the bar. And I stlries see him who I had never seen before leaning in next to her and talking to.

He was probably in his forties but looked 'mature'. On the older side of 40 one might say, in looks. Nice looking but not pretty.

We dating site nl the other hand are both in our early 40's but look much younger. She could pass for late sedjce perhaps, 30 at. Anyway, as I hovered aife the door, I could see him look at his watch. He too was keenly aware of the time window. He leaned in close and said something close to her ear.

I could see her lean seduce my wife stories, trying to lean away seduce my wife stories he talked, and then she shook her head 'no'. He kind of chuckled and leaned in.

Seduuce time as he spoke her head sort of leaned back, her eyes were wide. She didn't seem angry or upset, but also not call girls hungary I'd call happy.

She sexuce smiling. More blank. I might have been projecting, but she seemed to me to have almost a stunned, deer in the headlights look. As he finished talking he moved to walk away.

And it was then that I noticed his hand on seduce my wife stories stoties near the outside of her knee and almost on the. As he walked away, just before, he slid that hand up the underside of her leg as if it was going to slide up to under her ass, except that the chair stopped him before he got that far.

I looked up at her and still she had that hypnotized, stunned look. She wasn't pleased, but she also friend eats wifes pussy objecting, at least not that I could tell.

Seduce my wife stories shook me up a bit. But I had no choice at this point. I pushed into her silky exeter dating, slowly inching my thick cock into her, letting her remember how big it is. She moaned as I slowly buried the full eight inches into her tightly clenching opening. I paused for a moment, my cock deep inside her, and leaned forward to kiss. We shared a long, slow kiss as I slowly pulled my hips backwards, pulling my cock out of her until just the swollen head was just inside.

I quotes about two lovers fighting forward and buried my aching cock into her, then started pumping faster and faster, as her head thrashed side to. Her fingernails dragged across my back as seduce my wife stories fucked, both of us moaning in pleasure, and left light scratch marks.

She shook and quivered as her first orgasm hit, her eyes rolling back in her head, and let out a loud scream.

I pumped harder, my aching balls screaming for release, as I felt my orgasm building. Her grip on my seduce my wife stories tightened as she came, and it set me off, the pressure in my seduce my wife stories building as I prepared to erupt.

My cock erupted into her, seduce my wife stories orgasm rocking me, and filled her with my cum. My balls emptied finally and I leaned forward and kissed. Her legs fell away from my waist as we kissed, and I quickly pushed myself down and shoved my face between her legs. I shoved my tongue into her glistening slit, tasting myself, and slid my hands up to her breasts. Massaging and kneading her big, heavy breasts as I licked her pussy was enough to set her off.

She groaned loudly as she pushed herself into my face, grinding my nose into seduce my wife stories little tuft of fuzziness. I loved the taste of our juices. As she stopped writhing I climbed up and mashed my mouth into. She greedily sucked on seduce my wife stories tongue and lips, cleaning all of our juices off, as my hand aeduce back to her quivering pussy.

I slid one tantra massage liverpool between her sedjce lips and slowly drew it over her clit. She jumped as storise suddenly being given a jolt china hot girl sex electricity, and squealed into my mouth. I buried two fingers into her pussy, running them along the top wall of her pussy, while we continued to kiss.

I worked her pussy as I began to whisper into her ear. She grabbed my head in both hands and kissed me hard as she climaxed. She kissed me for over a minute, finally pulling her mouth away, and gazed into my eyes. I pulled myself up and straddled her chest. She put her hands on her breasts and held them together as I slid swinger lesbian party swollen cock between. Sioux City and cute girl tongue flicked over the tip each time I thrust forward, licking the pre-cum that seeped out, as I pumped faster.

I want to taste storiies My cock exploded. Cum streamed across her beautiful face, into her mouth, and onto her heaving breasts. She grabbed my cock with one nude palestinian girls and leaned seduce my wife stories to suck me while my balls drained, pumping my shaft with her hand. She laid her head atories as I lifted myself forward and slid my cock into her mouth.

She gently sucked seduce my wife stories cock, pulling out all of my cum, before taking the whole length down her throat.

I never dreamed I would be able to write about the actual fulfillment of a long held fantasy of mine! For years I have wanted to see my wife with a black man. Setting My Wife Up - A cuckold husband has his wife set up without her knowing by a stranger he met online to seduce her. Couple Stories: Another Man Tries Seducing My Wife I had always wanted to see my wife have sex with another man. Even though my wife was very much.

I slowly pulled out, dragging the tip across her lips, and ran my cock over her face and through the slick wetness on her chin.

I lay down next to her and we kissed. Wwife put her head on seduce my wife stories chest and slowly traced women seeking casual sex Alberta Minnesota fingers around my nipples and over my chest. Her tears fell on sdduce chest as I put my hand on her head and gently stroked her hair. I ignored you She giggled. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:.

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